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We’ve had moon base designs for 40+ years… why tf aren’t we doing that here? Douglas Mallette talk @ Z Day 2013 LA.

“I want a 1 through 27 point deconstruction of transition”. If I tell somebody that looking at what science has to say about resource relationships and supplying human need and health is a point that we’re missing as a species, I get practically that response, as if I’m supposed to map the way to a Star Trek world to their satisfaction, or… or I don’t know. Man, with people, sometimes, I don’t know.

Douglas Mallette does a great talk on the technology we developed during and after the space race for self-sustaining extra-planetary bases, and the implications this has for understand what we could do on Earth. To allow the scientist/explorers (literally the closest thing to Kirk or Spock on Earth) their leisure to do what they were educated to do, the systems were fully self addressing, and today include 3d printing and hydro/aeroponic sustenance, as well as the classic ‘space toilets’ and ‘freeze dries’.


If we can do that… what the [mouths expletive] aren’t we doing that here? I hate walking down high streets in cities cause I’m constantly irked by every inefficiency of the way this all wasn’t designed… But you never changing things by fighting the existing reality. To change things build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

Douglas Mallette’s talk (and some solutions):

More on an actual moon base.

The most thorough explanations I know of… things:

You just got peed on at a party; it’s Miller time.

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