symptoms simply show you…

I see people crusading against symptoms in rites of dominance for public office. They will bring a statistical figure to within an almost believable margin, if you vote yes. I seek to stop my own knuckle cracking, my cuticle-chewing, compulsive grabbing for instant-pleasures now, because that’s not what a “healthy” person does. These are not where the solution to the problem is found, and the outcome is cyclical, and disappointing.

I’m often faced with this feeling in large-scale popular media attendance to questions of “controversy and conspiracy”. Anything someone says is filtered solely through a pre-programmed, unwavering interpretation of the message, according to the world view that suits them. No matter what new measure -a vaccine, a GMO food, etc.- introduced for the best intended of reasons, because of our emotional ideas about “natural” things and “chemicals”, and the overwhelming distrust many have of their leaders, there will be a group of nay-saying, shirking conspiracy theorists to resist and retort. (I write somewhat sarcastically, as I am someone whose social critique ventures beyond the scope of a Michael Moore film, and feel fully conservative stating that our governments are to varying degrees a show for our appeasement, and that the richest and most influential among us have made a formality of “democratic” institutions in their favour wherever necessary and possible).

Nothing can be heard over the roar of preconceived bias. There are more or less definite camps, and you could mind-map the forum conversations and media rallies around fluoride or limiting the use of resource x, or how many children we produce as a species. Emotions are flared everywhere around issues that essentially cannot and must be brought up.

According to where you’ve grown up, and how you’ve reacted to that, the ideas that have floated over your piece of pachamama can be found in a unique mix inside you and your peers and the counties and countries adjacent. Freak abuse and illness blister the atlas. People are categorized and objectified, and these images are rarely reviewed or updated. We age, and harden, and the world and its people become a lot less mobile for the lot of us. The damn rich and the dirty poor, the thieving bitch and the selfish pig are who they are.

Educational, bureaucratic, legal, and cultural processes stand between many parties, their communications thus limited, and people -requiring certain societal access outside their ability to secure it- can be deprived of their life needs for such technical trivialities.

The distrust (and hence the duplicity and classism and the grasping at ‘things’) needs to be addressed, and the prejudices dissolved so that the human conversation may become one open conversation that everyone is educated, trained, and welcomed to join in. This lays deep beneath our insecurities and fears: the inability to reach out to the reality of the “other” and to understand things as they do. Bridging this with the linguistic, social, personal, inter-cultural, and educational tools needed to speaks each others languages (literally and otherwise) starts the process of addressing symptoms of socioeconomic inequality, inter/intracultural tension, familial disintegration, urban isolation, and the creeping alienation of humanity from the Earth, its processes and complexities; it short, scientific illiteracy.

pc_599d5109df46f2f9e3dfa159522f81a4 Crucial also is an addressing of the “conspiracy theory” facet of a full conversation on the nature of our reality. A shift from the puppet-string, 4-year term burlesque, bought-and-sold power politics stance of many modern states (USA, Russia, UK, Israel, Canada, China, Iran…) is an obvious and necessary goal. A wide disclosure of the activities and privies of intelligence and military organizations, especially as pertains to civilians or opponents of the parties in question. For many, acknowledging that the people who make big decisions on this planet aren’t just the plucky, earnest politicians they see on tv, will be a big hurdle. Likewise, to admit that some people are genuinely in politics to get a slice of power for the people will be the death of certain “internet researchers”. To decide just HOW corrupt, and just HOW inept we are, together, will be a tough call.

But, it must be shouted repeatedly: the present conversation is not helping. The current narrative does not function. The way we’re doing this is too slow, and distrustful, and violent, and arrogant, and shit, kids are starving out there. We need to accept only an adult, informed, earnest, and updating conversation about politics, sustainability, over-population… whatever. We need a real attempt at informing the public from our media, and real attempt at social advancement from scientists, engineers, doctors, and officials.

This game of holding a handful of buzzwords, and leaping and freaking like electric maniacs when the “enemy” uses a “socialist” word, or booing and hissing when they manifest the patriarchy in your safe space, is old and useless and childish. Developing towering legal and procedural lexicons and effectively barring many many people from the conversations you have about their futures, and worse making no provisions to truly correct the imbalance thus created, is unconscionable, and evidence of the malice and distortion that build our judicial enterprises. Focusing all our educational resource on test scores and standards quotas, in ignorance of deepening cultural, informational, and societal gulfs between students and the world we’re “preparing” them for, is fucking insanity, and effectively class genocide in the information age.

Stream of mind thoughts on seeking the root causes and drivers of a culture in decline.

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