A Brief History of the Real Conspiracy

[Adapted from a facebook retort, I may polish it up at some point]

The nature of that “unawakened” state that is talked about by the self-described “conscious” today (besides the too numerous instances of those who use this trope to defend a glazing over of consistent thought, and the resistance it meets from facts and the people who carry them) is most very likely (humble, but very very confident) a vestigial tool of survival that has and still can be vital to our survival. It reinforces a mindset of “this environment is a threat, I need to manipulate the surroundings to secure myself”.

This becomes power politics. Domination by implicit and explicit force and coercion. Pr-historically, this I imagine was the “alpha-centric pack”, where people stuck with whomever proved themselves able to get you through the day. As humans, settling was an outgrow of this security/predictability mindset. It can’t really be said that they could help it at this point, dunno for sure if we even can now, but we strive for these things, and create social institutions, value sets, castes, and creeds based upon this pre-cognitive drive.

Through the last few thousand years, it builds to the rudiments of the malevolent forces today. You get mysticism and writing, advanced speculation, and nations/states with significantly different peoples. More stability and security in terms of agriculture and technology (warfare is getting bigger, badder, and more destabilizing when it happens) enable bigger populations. Eventually, we hit the borders of known/reachable worlds. Regional power balance becomes a big factor.

I can only speak to Western Europe and America at this point, but people are people in the animal sense. The situation of technology, transportation, military strategy, and population gets so that politics becomes as weaponized as war, and as much of it is “cold war” as “hot”. The stability of society makes people comfortable and inexperienced and quick to fright. The use of money to buy rights (as is essentially what happens) and resources and the co-operation of lower class employees means you have to keep people happy to a reasonable degree by this point. Capitalism becomes much more intricate, precise, political, and global. Corporations and states bleed into each other, on the glass ceiling of higher education and law (for which there are direct and indirect fees only affordable by some).

The classes are now in a sense very minorly different species, biopsychosocially, and the balance of political power and the purchase of means of tricking/placating “the public” (a very self-satisfied, ignorant beast, like a cat confined happily within a wealthy home). By our century propaganda/P.R. becomes the ultimate weapon, and the educated populace is Taylorized, individualized, and buried in cultural candy of all varieties.This is done very purposely and maliciously, as a means of extracting profit, essentially a trick device used to give slaves the illusion that they’re playing too.

It’s not out of a Disney-like hollow evil, but the conditioning in of elitism, very-old-world models of psychology/sociology, and the necessary pressures of the monetary/market/profit/ownership mentality that stretches way way back to that initial animal mentality I mentioned, which determined to conquer the environment before being conquered. This is not a moral judgement, it’s just what that mentality is. Science has a similar orientation toward the world, especially in the west.

And having used that as our modus operandi for so long, it’s now a first nature which is really own a deeply ingrained second nature, and not inevitable. But difficult to change, for certain. And seeing this in people, but deciding it too hard to change, the tendency reinforced by the social values, environment, and cultural institutions is that of differential advantage. This creates the ruling class (whom being presumably social apes as we all, create the own subcultures, cults, values, perspectives, etc. in and centred upon their elevated strata), the behavior of which recordedly includes:
-the manipulation of the public through religious narrative and exhortation, or secular sects such as liberal humanism, etc. again, no value judgement, just what’s happening)
-very purposeful media and advertising, designed to elicit psychological reactions, agreement
-fraudulent, tokenistic means of participation to permit the lip-service paid to equality, freedom, education, etc. (paycheques, voting, CNN polls…)
-the staging of false-flag events from the Fire of Rome, the Reichstag fire, the Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbour, and controversially, 9/11 (and if you’re not well-read in political and military history, this will likely be rejected by your brain and create cognitive dissonance, don’t identify with it, or say it’s a good or bad reaction, just observe it, and explore it, ask why it helps, if it helps, where it hinders, what might contradict the beliefs involved… and read more)
-The clandestine manipulation of world events from “economic hitmen”, to the importation of guns and drugs whilst publicly denouncing and “warring on” such things, the creation of violent resistance, labelled terrorism, to thus enable a moral veneer upon imperialist goals (all, again, stemming back uncontroversially to that simple kill or be killed mentality)
-And as in any strata, drug use, sexual abuse of children and adults, and infinite weirdities abound, and given the public, “good image” nature of these people, and the wealth, reach, and privilege they have, it’s some of the sickest and most unhealthy behaviour that takes place on this planet (look into the CIA and child abuse, specifically, if you want something to sink teeth into).

And I could go on. Some of these power blocs (which concentrate themselves by nature) among the royal, wealthy, connected, and elite organized and officiate themselves, others prefer “Individualism”, and others yet operate in very cult-like way. But it’s a different level of human activity than what you and I ever come close to. It’s purposeful. Organized. Malicious. And very real.

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